Create instant visualizations from, combine with other sources.

01. Native Analytics

Use Knowi to seamlessly connect, visualize, share and collaborate on data


Cross Database Joins

Join datasets with your Relational, NoSQL and API data on the fly across data centers or multiple cloud providers


Natural Language Processing

Ask questions on your data in plain english and get answers instantly. Magic.


Embedded Analytics

Build Data-Driven Applications: With just a few clicks, you can securely embed dashboards directly into your applications your business teams are already using. Users can also share MongoDB dashboards or email PDF reports to extend analytics reporting to offline users company wide.


Machine Learning

Combine hindsight and foresight with our machine learning workbench. Integrate machine learning directly into your data analysis workflows. With Knowi ML, you can automatically trigger actions based on resulting calculations.


Triggers, Alerts, and Actions

Automate actions or notifications based on the results data along with other sources. Easily send notifications with data attached or invoke a webhook to initiate a process in a downstream application.

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